We have defined there are 6 big problems for our future. First half of them are Agriculture, Energy and Defense. 

We have set out to work on agriculture as phase 1, energy and defense both in phase 2, space is in phase 3.

CEO's message about ethics of defense;

"Although it is an ethical dilemma for me personally, we have to protect our existence, no matter the cost." -CSTEZCAN

Our defense projects are not only on military grade hardware (drones, weapons, vehicles and armor) but also on medical, computational and planetary defense topics.

For more information, contact; ai@tarsens.com


TARSENS have been listed on ESA & Airbus backed Hackathon Act-In-Space since 2018, event held in 2016.

"Tactical Advanced Reconnaissance and Sensor Enhanced Network of Systems" TARSENS.